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API Driven Applications with Rails

Last weekend in Singapore, I got a chance to present on a topic I love – Building APIs with Ruby. For the sake of those who were interested but unable to attend, I’ve uploaded my slides as well as a list used in the presentation (including some extras as requested). Continue Reading »

OSX, Ubuntu and OpenVPN in 5 Minutes.

Today I’m quickly going to cover the very basic steps you can follow to get a simple OpenVPN tunnelling setup working using an Ubuntu Server / VPS (I’m using a Linode VPS running Ubuntu 9.04) with near-transparent support for OpenVPN on OSX. Continue Reading »

Ruby Summer of Code Wrap Up

In late May, 2010 I started the Ruby Summer of Code. The premise was simple but in hindsight much more complex than expected – Make deployment and Continuous Integration against multiple rubies simpler (e.g. as simple as RVM was on the desktop). Since then, I’ve worked for 2-3 months and very recently finished my project. In order to wrap it all up, I figured it was about time I blogged about what I did as well as what my experience was like. It’s important to note early on (and I’ll expand later) that I was very lucky that my primary mentor, Wayne Seguin, not only pushed for my project to get accepted but has also been an immense help the whole way through – It would of been almost impossible for me to get as much done as I did get done otherwise. Continue Reading »

RVM - Improved support for Hudson

For the last three months, I’ve been working on rvm along side wayneeseguin, the creator of rvm, in order help make rvm easier to use for server deployments and continuous integration. As part a of this, one of my focuses was to develop a preferred CI platform. Continue Reading »

YouthTree Developer Introduction

For the last few months I’ve become involved with Youth Tree – a local not-for-profit I’ve been slowly helping to develop sites for. One of my most recent tasks has to been generalise our development tasks to make it easier to introduce people to the codebase and our current direction. Continue Reading »

RVM - System Wide Installs & Capistrano Integration

Following on from the last few posts about rvm, today I’m going to talk about two related but different aspects I’ve been working on – one that makes life easier and one that standardises a process that has been possible for a while but never officially documented (as far as I know). Both are related to making deployment with RVM easier. Continue Reading »

RubySOC 2010 & Ruby Deployment

As you’re no doubt aware, the transition from 1.8 to 1.9 is no small feat. Many changes to the simple things (i.e Ruby string encoding) have ultimately meant that even a year later most production deployments of Ruby are on 1.8. Continue Reading »